Your Needs Are Unique...and your Yoga should be too!

Thrive with personalized sessions and proven results for your health and well being!

I and my incredibly talented and experienced instructors offer private sessions designed to optimally address your individual health and wellness concerns.

- You will begin gently, according to your ability.

- Each position will be fully explained and demonstrated.

- We will start very slowly and you will be able to get into the positions easily.

- You will be physically guided and assisted with all positions.

- Your instructor will be very patient and encouraging.

- You will never be pushed beyond your current ability.

- Yoga feels GREAT! After every session you'll feel AMAZING!

As an experienced scholar, Yoga teacher, and transformational consultant I recognize that your needs are unique.

My world-class instructors and I combine our personal research, and in-depth knowledge of the academic health literature to identify the precise Yoga postures and sequences that provide maximum benefits for you.

Our experience and knowledge includes:

  • Chronic pain
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Prenatal health
  • Menopause
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ...and many more!

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Custom Tailored Just For You Each of your sessions will be unique, and tailored exclusively for you and where you're at.

You'll be checked up on before you come, so that the perfect session can be prepared, and your needs fully met.

All sessions will be based on rigorous academic research that relates to your condition(s) and where you are at right now.

Each session will also include optional, easy to perform, take home postures and exercises.

Thank you for the summary report and photos from our first yoga session. The session was incredibly beneficial and far exceeded my expectations! My intentions were manifest and my body was renewed, relaxed, and re-energized. The most amazing thing happened after our session. I found myself motivated to do some chores that I had been putting off for a very long time. And I was in complete joy as I did those onerous chores! The one private session was much more impactful than any handful of solo or group yoga workouts I have done in the past. Thank you for your time and attention.

~ Christine F.

Discover how quickly you can change your life...

"Now You Can Lose Weight, Recover From Injuries, Add Flexibility To Your Life, Increase Your Energy, Be More Relaxed, And Look And Feel Younger When You Work With Me in One on One Yoga Sessions."


     Hello, my name is Kelly Larson. I'm a scholar, certified Yoga instructor, and Yoga instructor trainer. I offer one-on-one personalized Yoga sessions in Boulder.  We work hard to get great results for our clients and they give our sessions rave reviews.

     For years I taught Yoga at some of the hottest studios in major Yoga cities like Boulder, Colorado and San Francisco, California. Like other successful teachers, each week I taught classes at a number of different locations.

     Over time I discovered a shocking truth.  Many of the people attending classes need much more attention than they can receive during a group class. 

     When this dawned on me, I looked around and realized that there was no way people who have unique needs or specific goals can get the individual attention they need in these types of environments.

The reality is that you are unique, and your Yoga needs to be too in order to have the maximum effect. The stretches and exercises you do should be personalized. 

     You are on your own path to your own unique goals - and your Yoga must be customized to get you there. Public classes just don't cut it.

Yoga - It's Not What You Think

     Let me give you a bit of background about Yoga. It is not a religion, it's about getting in tune and working with your body to give it what it needs.

     Yoga is for everyone. If you think you need to be a guru who can twist your body into a pretzel, you're missing out.

     It doesn't matter if you can't remember the last time you exercised or even if you believe you can't get back into good shape, lose weight or increase your flexibility.  Personal Yoga sessions can work for you.

Scientific Research, Injuries, and Pain

     Scientific research and clients' constant feedback support an amazing list of physical benefits for Yoga including: decreased blood pressure, increased balance and flexibility, improved posture, greatly enhanced ability to sleep, much higher strength and energy levels, strengthened immune system, and weightloss.

     Perhaps even more incredible are the benefits you can realize if you've suffered an injury and are in pain. Yoga can rapidly help your body to heal itself. Many medical doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and other medical professionals are aware of the healing power of Yoga and recommend private Yoga sessions for their patients.

Overnight Success Stories

Please allow me to share a handful of our success stories and client comments with you...

I'm just so glad to have had the blessing of Kelly's Yoga/life/love instruction. I remember being just at my wits end mentally...physically going down hill and about to resign to "old age", spiritually confused and about to give up hope, any way... This bright, inspiring young yoga teacher showed up and has been pivotal in the rejuvenation of my hope, life force and heath, and spiritually I feel on a path to fulfilling my greatest good in life. That first day I shared with my deep sorrow, yes and anger ...

Some how she really put me at ease ... she has been very, patient and encouraging in my physical recovery. At first I was a bit grouchy about learning some new and different yoga approaches. Ah! but I started to feel better, Kelly's ... work is very powerful. I have recovered my youthful healthy self. There is very deep strength growing in me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I feel much better. I've also finally having a more mindful connection with my body. I'm able to relax old painful stress gripping habits, to notice and move at ease. The awareness is really improving the quality of my life. I'm very Grateful.
...My lungs have never felt better than after the practice today.
My needs were absolutely met...your class was a good balance for me…the strechting and fitness is what my body needs...
I really enjoy your unique teaching style. So many teachers, even really good ones use the same phrases ... or stick to really repetitive sequences ... so I really enjoy your class which is just totally new and different.
Cheers, Fleming
My shoulders thank you! Thank you for a fantastic yoga class last night. You are such a gifted teacher. It's very inspiring to see someone so completely in her element...My shoulders have been open all day...They're like "Hey-hello world. We're SHOULDERS!" … Thanks again!
Thanks again for an amazing session. I look forward to doing another one of these… I appreciate all your knowledge and insight. You rock... You inspire me to keep going for it.
You have over and over struck me as a person who is highly committed to service of others, and your work reveals it. Your almost angelic presence inspires complete trust in working with you on the difficult areas of my life. Whether you are doing yoga instruction or transformational consulting, you have the potential to deeply touch me with your loving presence. I recommend you to anyone who is going through some changes and needs some support to make it through them with insight, wisdom, and perspective.

I'm doing great!!  I'm still practicing Yoga and ...I'm sleeping a lot better than before I saw you.  I'm doing the insomnia practice when I can...I can't seem to get through the whole practice without starting to yawn.  Usually at that point wherever it is I just quit and turn out the lights.  I usually sleep for 3-5 hours straight through and then wake up but I have been going right back to sleep for another 3 hours or so.  I'd say that I've been getting 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Take care, Joe


an awesome and wonderful teacher...very sweet, caring, gentle...i really enjoyed the lesson. God's grace on you...


Restore Your Flexibility

     I will never push you beyond your current ability. It's very important for you to listen to your body. In most cases, it became stiff and less flexible over time and it may take a bit for it to recover. 

     Pushing or forcing you beyond your abilities can make your current situation even worse. In a public class it can be difficult for instructors to tune into every student enough to really support you. This is one of the most important reasons why someone with physical challenges should only work with a private instructor.

     You might just be surprised at how quickly and easily your body begins to recover and respond.  I've worked with clients of all ages - from young children to senior citizens.  The ability of the human body to bounce back from injuries and limitations is amazing when the proper pacing and Yoga exercises are used.

 What Your Yoga Sessions Are Like

     We will start very slowly and you will be able to get into the positions easily. Every session will begin with some pampering and relaxation, to get you in the right mental and emotional place for our session.

     Each position will be fully explained and demonstrated, and you will gently begin to work your muscles according to your ability. You will be physically guided and assisted with every position. Your instructor will be very patient and encouraging. You will never be pushed beyond your current ability, and you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment each week as your body and life continue to dramatically improve.

     Any anxiety and depression you currently experience will fall away. Your mood will improve and your overall sense of well-being and happiness will increase. You'll also find your memory and concentration are enhanced.

     Yoga feels GREAT! After every session you'll feel AMAZING! Like my other clients, you'll come to look forward to our sessions together as a highlight of your week!

Limited Personal Client Sessions Are Available Now

     Your quality of life begins to improve as soon as you pick up the phone and call me at (720) 272-5743. We'll set up a convenient time for your first session.  Some people schedule once a week; others want to come more often.  You make the call.

     Prepare to be amazed at all the amazing benefits Yoga will add to your life.

I look forward to working with you!

Best Wishes!

Kelly Larson, MA
Certified Yoga Instructor

P. S. The schedule fills up quickly so if you are serious about making significant improvements in your life, pick up the phone and call me at (720) 272-5743.

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Yoga and Research

The academic research literature contains over 200 scientific articles on Yoga covering a wide range of health conditions, with new ones appearing all the time.

Many of these studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of specific Yoga postures and series.

In addition to constantly combing the scientific literature, and communicating with other leading scholars and practitioners; my world-class instructors and I conduct extensive ongoing research to test published findings and continue to fine tune scientifically proven Yoga series for even greater effectiveness.

LARGE $ DISCOUNT for Research Participation!

Because of their effectiveness, our private sessions can be in high demand and become quite costly.

A great way to obtain the same results for much less $$ is to become one of our private session research clients!

As a research client, you will receive the exact same session as our other clients, but may be asked to:

- Fill out pre- or post- assessments, or

- Spend a few extra minutes being interviewed about your progress

Your anonymity is assured, just as it would be as a private session client.

Becoming a private research client is a great way to help others, and save 25% or more off the normal session rate.

Contact me today to get well, make an important contribution to others health, and reduce your out of pocket costs!