Your Needs Are Unique...and your Yoga should be too!

Thrive with personalized sessions and proven results for your health and well being!

I and my incredibly talented and experienced instructors offer private sessions designed to optimally address your individual health and wellness concerns.

- You will begin gently, according to your ability.

- Each position will be fully explained and demonstrated.

- We will start very slowly and you will be able to get into the positions easily.

- You will be physically guided and assisted with all positions.

- Your instructor will be very patient and encouraging.

- You will never be pushed beyond your current ability.

- Yoga feels GREAT! After every session you'll feel AMAZING!

As an experienced scholar, Yoga teacher, and transformational consultant I recognize that your needs are unique.

My world-class instructors and I combine our personal research, and in-depth knowledge of the academic health literature to identify the precise Yoga postures and sequences that provide maximum benefits for you.

Our experience and knowledge includes:

  • Chronic pain
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Prenatal health
  • Menopause
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ...and many more!

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Custom Tailored Just For You Each of your sessions will be unique, and tailored exclusively for you and where you're at.

You'll be checked up on before you come, so that the perfect session can be prepared, and your needs fully met.

All sessions will be based on rigorous academic research that relates to your condition(s) and where you are at right now.

Each session will also include optional, easy to perform, take home postures and exercises.

Yoga Postures

What they are, how easy it is do to them incorrectly, and why it is critical that you do them properly

     Yoga postures and specialized breathing techniques are core components of ‘Yoga’. Postures are the physical positions you assume during a session.

     Some of the postures may date back as far as 3300BC, however you might be surprised to learn that many are quite recent. Some of the most popular styles of Yoga postures are less than 50 years old!

     There are many different kinds of postures. Some involve movement, others are stationary. Some are held in place for several minutes, others only seconds.

     Most postures can and should be tailored to your needs. This is where I and my instructors come in. Our job is to make sure that the posture fits your body, and where you’re at.

     This is one of the most important reasons to do yoga in private sessions rather than a group. In a group you essentially have to ‘luck out’ and have the teacher assign the most beneficial posture for the entire class.

     In most classes a teacher simply cannot modify every posture to fit the precise needs of every student. So, you wind up putting in time and energy class after class that could be much better spent.

Why is it Important to get the Postures Right?

     Although most postures can be modified in many ways, it is absolutely essential that you get them right regardless of the modification you’re using.

     This is the most difficult part of Yoga for new and experienced practitioners alike. Not only does it maximize the benefits you receive, but it is also critical in preventing injury.

     Some poses appear very simple, but looks are often deceiving. It takes a skilled eye to spot the small errors that can mean the difference between getting value from your Yoga practice and wasting your time.

Consider these examples…

     In the first picture, my knees are higher than my hips – a common error. This causes stress, tension, and ultimately pain in the lower back.

     In the above picture, notice the angle from the side. Here we see the lower back has a slight rounded curve, and the knees are very high.


     In this picture we see me sitting up on a blanket, with my knees resting below my hips. This is a healthy and safe posture.

     Here is the correct posture from the side. My back has a slight natural curve in, and the tailbone angles back. My hips are perched up on a blanket. This not only helps the lower back tremendously, but also allows the shoulders and neck to rest in better alignment.

     Here’s another example of a posture that looks very easy to do.

     In the picture above we see a painful and unsafe example. Here the wrists, shoulders, and back are all straining terribly.


     This picture takes the first step toward safety and health, as I have flattened my palms and pressed weight into the base of the first finger and thumb. This simple move saves my wrist from immediate and long term pain and injury.

     Here we see another subtle but important shift. I have pulled my shoulders down and aligned them with my back, creating space between the shoulder blades.

     In this picture we finally see a good example of how this posture should look when properly done.

     I have taken the final steps to shift my hips back and straighten my spine. I’ve also allowed my heels to lower so that my feet are flat on the ground, and straightened my legs.

     Notice how the posture looks much better, and believe me – it feels like an entirely different experience!

     Here is another posture that looks very simple. Can you spot the differences? See if you can guess which you think is correct?

     In the first picture, my palms, arms, shoulders, and feet are all positioned incorrectly (which affects other areas of my body as well). In the second, I dropped my shoulders into correct alignment. In the third, I flattened my palms and straightened my arms. In the fourth, I adjusted my feet to parallel. Even this last adjustment, so far from the shoulders, makes a huge difference in the ability to do this posture comfortably, and safely!


     To correct your alignment during postures, your instructor will make physical adjustments. These will be hands-on, physical manipulations that guide you into the proper form.

     It takes very skilled and experienced hands to get these right. I and my world-class instructors have been fortunate to learn from Master teachers in styles of Yoga that focus specifically on safe posture adjustments and alignment.

     Many Yoga teachers never develop the level of ability required to make proper adjustments for different body limitations. This is a very important skill to look for.

Yoga Journal

Read Kelly's thoughts about Yoga, Permaculture and Sustainability in recent editions of Yoga Journal.

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Yoga and Research

The academic research literature contains over 200 scientific articles on Yoga covering a wide range of health conditions, with new ones appearing all the time.

Many of these studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of specific Yoga postures and series.

In addition to constantly combing the scientific literature, and communicating with other leading scholars and practitioners; my world-class instructors and I conduct extensive ongoing research to test published findings and continue to fine tune scientifically proven Yoga series for even greater effectiveness.

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Because of their effectiveness, our private sessions can be in high demand and become quite costly.

A great way to obtain the same results for much less $$ is to become one of our private session research clients!

As a research client, you will receive the exact same session as our other clients, but may be asked to:

- Fill out pre- or post- assessments, or

- Spend a few extra minutes being interviewed about your progress

Your anonymity is assured, just as it would be as a private session client.

Becoming a private research client is a great way to help others, and save 25% or more off the normal session rate.

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